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After browsing long and hard, we provide to you the most amazing mind-bending photos of the web. Be forewarned, if you looking at these images for too long, you may feel yourself getting pulled into the frame, leading to lightheadedness, and the explosion of your brain. The technical term for this impression is the “Droste result,” named after a 1904 package of Droste brand cocoa. An image displaying the Droste impact portrays a smaller version of itself in a location where a similar picture would realistically be expected to appear. This smaller version then depicts an even smaller variation of itself in the same location, and after that goes on and on . So search for amazing profile photo you may need. If you’re browsing for amazing profile photos, you have stay on the amazing lading page.via: mymodernmet

Photo credit:Jeko

Photo credit: dgroup

Photo credit:keithyoshi

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Photo credit: redlynxx01

Photo credit:mitzpicardal

Photo credit:abernaert

Photo credit:Mike LaPalme

Photo credit:heiwa4126

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Photo credit:mikomiao

Photo credit:otogno

Photo credit:Seb Przd

Photo credit:Josh Sommers

Photo credit:Seb Przd

Photo credit:jezikalyn

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